Enterprise Agility Fundamentals: Frameworks, Strategies and Roadmap for Leaders

Enterprise Agility Fundamentals: Frameworks, Strategies and Roadmap for Leaders

English | July 17, 2023 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0CBMJBBCC | 792 pages | PDF | 20 Mb

This book provides valuable resources to enrich your learning experience. With the purchase of a physical or Kindle copy, you will receive complimentary access to Hanna AI, an artificial intelligence-powered assistant, as well as the web-based version of the book.

Hanna AI is an innovative AI developed specifically for organizational change leaders and professionals. It lets you ask questions about the book's frameworks, models, and your company's specific challenges. The AI can provide tailored guidance on applying the content to your unique contexts. It can also suggest adaptations to the models to suit your precise needs or offer solutions to your organization's difficulties.

You will also gain free access to chapter tests, which will certify you as an Enterprise Agility Practitioner upon passing.

The digital book, AI assistant, and certification programs offer an interactive way to master enterprise agility. These complementary resources are designed to advance your expertise as a transformation leader and equip you with the skills to thrive in your role.

The world is changing—rapidly and unpredictably. Technologies emerge, and markets change overnight. The behavior of employees and customers changes, sometimes subtly, sometimes suddenly. Entire business models are being overturned and reinvented every day. Although progress is accelerating exponentially, human realities remain unchanged.
Agile and business agility approaches have served us well but were built for different lands. Organizations need new capabilities and ways to envision a sustainable world to succeed during exponential times. With Enterprise Agility, you can
Have the critical navigation systems and skills needed now, considering human realities and market demands.
Support your existing and future needs regardless of frameworks, mindsets, or methods you use.
Bring balanced ways ahead and a comprehensive ecosystem to thrive amid constant change. It shows alternative pathways for organizations striving for lasting innovation and cares for everyone who drives progress daily.
Learn a new financial model and ecosystem to deal with high uncertainty and fast-paced change.

Discover the strategies and tools you need to navigate exponential times. This book provides fundamental principles, innovative frameworks, and proven models for success in disruptive environments. The future starts today; ensure you have the map and compass for the journey ahead!

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