How can I download Movies/Music/Software?

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Video tutorial:

Open any post you like to download from, find all download links. The place of these links is demonstrated in the screenshot (click to zoom):

For non-registered (solve captcha required) users:

How can I download Movies Music Software for guests

For registered members:

Registered members don't get captcha and popups.

How can I download Movies Music Software for registered users

As you can see from the example screenshot, you have four links from different Free File Storage services to choose (2 for installer version and 2 for portable version). The uploader of this post gave you a choice by uploading 2 different download links from various Free File Storage services. This made a file more available, since you got many options to pick up your Free File Storage service.

The download links are always at the end of the post in block "DOWNLOAD FROM FREE FILE STORAGE".


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